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Welcome to Russian Christian Publishing, open since 1992. David Wagler founded RCP after working in Christian literature development for Russia and Eastern Europe with Slavic Gospel Association for 19 years. RCP is now a part-time, family-operated business.

We are a retailer of Christian books in Russian. Our titles come from a number of publishers in various countries and could be characterized as being conservative evangelical in content. While we do have a smattering of books in Ukrainian, Romanian and Georgian, our specialty is Russian.

The Russian Bible
The generally accepted Bible in Russia is the Synodal version which was translated by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1876. Baptists and other evangelicals generally use the Synodal version as well. While it is a good translation, some of the words are rather archaic and thus unfamiliar to those new to Christianity.

However, on June 1, 2011 the Bible Society in Russia (not the one in North Carolina) released the new translation which they had been preparing for 15 years. This contemporary translation is based on the best copies of the original texts and utilizes recent discoveries in scholarly biblical research.

An impressive array of Hebrew and Russian Bible scholars translated the Old Testament while an editorial commission revised a New Testament translation begun earlier. While Americans readily embrace new translations, it remains to be seen how the Russian church will accept this new work. The full Bible is #506, the NT #511 and Russian/English NT #514.

Several other translations exist for the Russian New Testament. One of the most appreciated is the 1970 Cassian version which replaces many of the archaic words of the Synodal, but still retains much of the same feel. That is used in the Russian NT of our parallel Russian/English #510.

Shipping & Discounts
As we now generally ship by USPS Media Mail for most of our orders, we've reduced the shipping charge for orders under $100 to only $10. We switched from UPS because of their decision to stop supporting the Boy Scouts. Regular shipping within the contiguous USA is free for book orders over $100, even though your internet order may not show it. Please let us know if you need rush shipping (for an extra charge).

We offer quantity discounts on books as follows: $250 purchase, 5% discount; $500 purchase, 9% discount; $750 purchase, 12% discount; $1000 purchase, 14% discount; $1500 purchase, 15% discount; $2000 purchase, please ask. (When you submit an internet order, it will not show the discounts; they are handled manually.)

For contiguous US orders, you should have your material 1-2 weeks after ordering. (For non-literature orders, regular shipping will be charged and the discounts do not apply.)

Payment: Note Changes
You can now pay very easily with PayPal whether you have a PayPal account or not! If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay through PayPal with a credit card.
International Shipping
While we generally ship to destinations within the US, occasionally we do get requests to send books internationally. Please keep in mind that costs, shipment time and risk involved may all be much greater than for domestic orders. If you would like your order to be insured, please indicate that. It is also very helpful if you indicate whether your priority is lower costs or quicker arrival. As you help us understand your needs, we are better able to serve you. God bless you!
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